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Stealing Smart Direct Mail Ideas For Information Marketers

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Well, maybe “stealing” isn’t exactly the right term, but “borrowing” is certainly appropriate. I was inspired to write this post by a quote attributed to Dorothy Kerr in the 1970s, and passed along by experts in the direct mail industry since then. Stealing smart direct mail ideas for information marketers is something I’ve practiced for years now.

Kerr is quoted as saying,” “To be successful in this business, you have to see who’s mailing what … Look for those mailings that keep coming again and again, which means they are successful, and then steal smart.”

smart stealing info marketing mailing list

Stealing Smart Direct Mail Ideas For Information Marketers

Actually, “stealing smart” has become quite common and even encouraged in all areas of internet marketing. Copywriting, for example. I am not talking about plagiarism or duplicating content without proper attribution. That is NOT stealing smart at all. It is immoral and illegal. But looking closely and mimicking successful styles and methods is the type of thing I am suggesting. It is not only smart, it is a necessity.

Watch your own direct mail and start paying attention to the way mailers are designed. If you see different companies using the same type of letter or postcard or other form of mailer, you know it has been successful, at least for some company, somewhere, if not for that particular company in the past.

Use of direct mail to support your online information marketing business is definitely a good idea, if it is consistent with your topic, and if you are able to locate your target market and opt-in list with snail mail addresses. Sometimes the street address is the missing link in a direct mail campaign plan.

I’ve noticed that retailers that have shipped actual products to a postal address are more likely to use direct mail because they actually have the postal addresses already.

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