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The Bedrock of Digital Information Marketing

Information Marketing

The bedrock of digital information marketing is the web browser. Considering the universe of web browsers is similar to reading a menu from which we make selections. We have to make different selections based on different needs.

But unlike our personal selections from a restaurant menu, information marketing decisions are based on the tastes of our particular audiences.  We are making decisions to conform to the choices of the people in our audiences.

Everybody is getting connected with their various digital devices, and sometimes we are connected with more than one at a time. The TV is on while we’re checking emails on the laptop and texting on the phone. Right?

Depending on the type of laptop and phone in use, different web browers will be operating, too. Who is using which web browser is a much-studied issue, and I saw these statistics regarding web browser market share in an email today. I am NOT guaranteeing that they are up-to-date, so don’t quote me.

But these numbers serve to make my point regarding marketing to the tastes of an audience:

information marketing browsers

Check your websites to see how they appear on different browsers

38.4% Internet Explorer

26.2% Google Chrome

17.3% Firefox

4.8% Safari 5/6

4.4% Safari iPad

8.9% Other

Our information products have to conform to every format in order to be seen and used by people utilizing these web browsers and many others.  From time to time I check my websites to see how they appear on different browsers, which really helps me know how to tweak the designs of my digital info products.

The choice of web browser is only the first of many different selections we need to make in order to attract and satisfy our clients and customers, and it needs to come before all the other decisions regarding the use of audio and video, etc.

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Information Marketing

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