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The Quality of Your Information In The First Place

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Psychologist Glenn Livingston recently made a point about buyer behavior in an email, and I thought it was relevant to information marketing. He talks about why people will pay for particular information, but not ALL information. Here’s how he describes the difference:

“Price of entry benefits are things that EVERY product in the market MUST have in order to even be considered for purchase … but they are NOT the reasons why most people actually BUY, and certainly not something that distinguishes your product as unique amongst a bevy of competitors.”

info marketing quality

The Quality of Your Information In The First Place

For some reason I’m thinking about a new Cadillac. We expect it to have seats. A Cadillac without seats is unthinkable. But we might not expect electronically heated seats. That would be a point of difference between the Cadillac and other cars. (OK, maybe a lot of cars have heated seats, but you get my point here.)

Livingston goes on to say, “What you WANT to do is find POINT OF DIFFERENCE benefits …
those things which consumers perceive as HARD TO FIND answers to their pressing problems … these are where the real market gaps are… where you’ll find the best opportunities to shine.”

Looking closely at your existing information products, or your working drafts of products in the creation process, what do you see?  Is there some of your material that is basic, typical, the kind of thing you could probably find on various websites or in similar info products? If so, what percentage of your work is redundant, and what can you do to infuse it with HARD TO FIND ANSWERS?

Let me know in the comments here.

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