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Three Seconds To Capture Your Info Product Visitors

Information Marketing

It’s no secret that we all have online attention deficit syndrome to a certain extent right now. I usually have multiple pages open on my screen, and I flip back and forth so I don’t have to wait while another page takes a couple seconds to load. I am typical, by the way. And I am telling you that you have AT MOST THREE SECONDS to capture your info product visitors on your website.

Chris Robley at HostBaby offers five suggestions for assuring that your website will pass the 3-second test. Naturally, nothing can guarantee that a visitor won’t click away if he or she isn’t interested in your topic, but the visual presentation of your site is critical to its effectiveness and your success. Never has the phrase, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” meant so much as it does on the web.

info marketing 3 second test

3-Second Test and Information Marketing

Knowing that human beings make subtle, if not conscious snap judgments, Robley suggests the following to assure that your website is judged positively:

  1. Instill confidence;
  2. Convey an emotion;
  3. Broadcast your name or brand;
  4. Have a clear call to action;
  5. Visually guide the visitor.

Go look at your sites right now to see how they rate on that checklist. Make a list of needed improvements, and schedule what you need to fix. Think of it as a website makeover to become more attractive.  It’s not what YOU think about your websites that matter; it’s what other people think and feel when they “meet” you and your info products online.

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Information Marketing

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