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Use Tweet Chats For Building Info Product Clientele

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I like webinars and hold them every week for my JV partners. Recordings are available on my website and my YouTube channel.  But I am fascinated by the way some people use Tweet chats for building info product clientele. It’s a great way to connect in real time and have a transcript as well.

Writer and journalist Michelle V. Rafter posted the transcript of her recent Tweet chat for freelance writers, and it’s a great example for us all to see.  Could you build momentum with your clients and customers to participate in something like this, too?

information marketing in twitter

Tweet Chats For Building Info Product Clientele

Participants meet up on Twitter to post questions, comments and links to their own writing for all to see. It’s pretty cool.  And in addition, it is EXACTLY the kind of social interaction that Google wants to see in order to boost credibility and page ranking.

I’m not sure I will explore switching  to short chat posts because my webinars are a perfect format for what I do with my JV partners and everyone else who signs up to participate each week. But your information marketing business and your client base is not the same as mine. Tweet chats could work well for you, so check it out.

The main thing is to find out how your people like to communicate and then show up. I hate to say it’s like a cocktail party or a neighborhood bar, but in a way that’s true. You have to see and be seen to build your info product clientele.

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