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Annie Jennings has a well-established PR firm, and she published a great blog post to share what authors say about marketing books. Some of the authors quoted are well-known, but most are not. If you have a book or you are working on your book you need to know that ALL AUTHORS have to market information about their books now. Traditionally published or self-published, authors are all doing their own public relations and promotional work, online and offline, too.

Here are some quotes from Jennings’ survey of authors promoting their own books:

Maria Dismondy – “Book launch party worked… Book signings worked.. . Virtual book tour worked…Blogging worked…”


Storytelling And Information Marketing

Authors thoughts on marketing books

Caroline Adams Miller – “Website overhaul that embedded video and a new blog, including all of the media mentions I’ve gotten and continue to get. I also embedded my Youtube channel in the site, and I uploaded every media interview I did there, too, which got sent as a newsflash to all of my subscribers. In addition to being in lots of media,  that got more attention every time another source was listed…”

Jeff Gunhus – “Blog tours worked… I found the most effective stops on the tour were where I wrote a guest post that was not about my book, but about something relevant to that blog’s readership. My most reposted article (and the one that yielded the most sales) was how I used my book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, to reach out to my eleven-year-old reluctant reader son. Also, monitoring the comments and interacting with the readers created connections that led to more sales.”

Jennings’ summary [and I agree with her] – “Selling books is about keeping it personal.  It’s about creating meaningful connections with others and letting them get to know you.  Selling books is about showcasing your expertise, knowledge and experience.  Making a positive impression.”

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