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What Is Information Marketing Automation?

Information Marketing

What is information marketing automation? Is it something you need to be learning about and putting into practice?  HubSpot has a post directed towards marketers in general, and especially those who have not yet put an automated marketing system in place. I’m guessing that might include some (if not most) readers of my blog, so here is an excerpt:

“…when it comes to reality, what can you really accomplish with marketing automation? You probably know that it can be used for lead nurturing, but were you also aware there are some other lesser known use cases and examples of how marketing automation can save you time — and help you move more leads through your pipeline more quickly?“

info marketing mind mapping

Information Marketing Automation

In order to have the detailed information to segment leads captured by opt-in forms, you have to include more questions for your visitors to answer, or at least more boxes to check. The more responses you collect, the more data you have to use for segmenting people into different marketing categories.

Then, once you have segmented groups of people who have shown interest in your information marketing products, at least the free ones requiring an opt-in for download, you can build different email marketing campaigns for different segments, or types of buyers.

For example, an eyewear retailer might want to segment young, hip, metro types from bifocal wearers in the 50+ age bracket. Chances are pretty good that each of those distinct market segments will respond best to frames with different styling. That’s what you can do with your information marketing as well.

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