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What You Do With What You Write Now

Information Marketing

Information marketing can definitely be a business; it’s all about what you do with what you write now. Basically, you create PDF presentations, e-books, or paperback books, and audio and video recordings of all the above. Some people make their living with information marketing alone.

But most often, marketing information is a way to supplement what a person is already doing. Dog breeders write to sell more poodles. Hair stylists write to cut and color more hair. Clothing designers write to sell more yoga pants.

Whether you are making things or doing things, meaning selling your inventory or selling your time, you have to promote yourself. By promoting yourself you are going to sell more of your time and your inventory.

You want to use your writing to promote yourself. Basically, it’s that simple. Your information marketing business is not simply about your chosen topic or topics, it’s about you and what you do.

What you do with what you write is going to make you more valuable in your particular marketplace.

information marketing focus

Focusing on a topic and writing about it is how you will excel in your profession

Lately, I have decided that I really don’t like the word “niche.”  It is too small and confining for what I do and what I am encouraging you to do. Nobody likes to be confined in a small space, do we? So, that is why I say, “pick a topic,” and not “pick your niche.”

You don’t have to limit yourself, but you have to focus. There’s a big difference. Heart surgeons have chosen a specialty in order to excel in their profession and increase their income. Heart surgeons generally don’t operate on fingers and toes.

Focusing on a topic and writing about it is how you will excel in your profession and increase your income, too. Information marketing is how you use your words to succeed.

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Information Marketing

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