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What’s Old Is New In Information Marketing

Information Marketing

I picked up a well-preserved copy of Why SOBs Succeed And Nice Guys Fail In a Small Business and spent some time looking through it. I was struck by the fact that what’s old is new in information marketing again.

Strangely, there’s no author (would you want your name associated with this title?) but only a publisher, Financial Management  Associates, shown on the title page, copyright 1976. So, I cannot give any further credit as I quote the following, and remind you this was written long before the internet was invented:

The Ricochet Theory

ricochet theory in info marketing

The Ricochet Theory and Information Marketing

“In planning advertising and promotion for your business you should plan it towards getting ricochets from all the promotions and advertising you use. The ricochet is the theory where you hit the target, and your message bounces off and hits another target and bounces off and hits another target and so forth.

In other words, one message is ricocheted to anywhere from to fifty more people, giving you tremendous impact for your advertising and promotion and helping you gain the kind of recognition you need to become the business leader in your community.”

I hope you were thinking about the internet when you read that. If not, please read it again because it is a refreshingly simple and accurate description of what we do when we are marketing information online.  Naturally, the numbers would be much larger on the web, but the basic theory is the same.

If I hadn’t told you about this book I could say I coined the phrase The Ricochet Theory, but I didn’t. I read about it in a funky old book that no author wanted to claim!

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