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Writing vs Marketing Your E-Book

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Yes, it is actually a competition for your personal time. Writing vs marketing your e-book can become a battle in your head and on your daily schedule. It can take over your life if you let it, because every minute spent on marketing yourself and your e-book is a minute that is NOT spent Writing more content.  You may be writing blog posts, emails or social media comments, but that’s not Writing with a capital W.

Kristen Eckstein said it pretty well in a blog post on The Future Of Ink, “I’ve heard this statement spoken by every published author I meet, ‘I thought writing the book was the hard part, until I started researching publishing. Now that it’s published I realize marketing is the hardest part.’ Marketing doesn’t usually come naturally to writers.”

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Writing and Information Marketing

That’s a mouthful, Kristen, and it’s generally true. Writing is hard, and marketing is hard, too. Neither one is guaranteed to attract attention or produce profit. If you want those things, you have to work at it.

And the kind of work you choose to do in order to market yourself and your e-book may be the work you are already doing (selling falafels or fitting dentures) or it may be work you start doing specifically to promote your e-book (lecturing, coaching, teaching) and to build your information marketing business.

My personal experience with Writing and marketing activities is that they seem to go in waves. There is less marketing going on when I’m deep into a Writing project, and less Writing when I’m busy with online and offline marketing activities. Talking to other writers, I think this holds true for most of them, especially those who self-publish.

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