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Your Book Is Your Ticket To Success

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Are you stymied, stuck in a sort of a paralysis just thinking about writing a book? It’s not fear, exactly, according to what I hear from my information marketing clients and customers. Not really. It’s more of a deep apprehension that what you have to say has already been said by one or more authors already.

Am I on target here? Well, if so, let me remind you that your book is your ticket to success. You need it and the world needs it. Yes, the world. Nobody can write the exact book you are poised and positioned to write, just the way ONLY YOU can write it.

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Your Book Is Your Ticket To Success

No matter what your working title may be (and it will more than likely change as your writing project progresses) think of it as “The World of ____ According To ____, “ filling the first blank with your topic and the second with your name. That’s

Lynne Klippel has three good suggestions for taking this idea and turning it into a book that stands out from the crowd. She says, “First, include your story.” This is key. Relating your own experiences is the best way to may your book unique to you, especially to attract clients and customers to your business.

“Secondly, look for holes.” That is a very bright idea, too. Research what’s on Amazon and other current and used book sites to see the titles and descriptions of books on your topic. What’s missing out there?

“Thirdly, test your ideas.” This is where you have to get in front of a live or online audience and present ideas to see how they work. Listen to the questions and get feedback because it’s priceless for your writing.

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