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Your Dot Com Has Domain Competition Now

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If you are the proud owner of one or more domain names that include your actual name or the name of your business, here’s big news: your dot com has domain competition now and you’d better pay attention because things are about to get REALLY INTERESTING.

At least 1200 new top-level domains are being selected, based on requests and suggestions collected during an application window that closed in mid-March 2013. Over the last few years most information marketers chose to use .com or .info  or .org, even though a few others were available. Some of us purchased multiple domain names, hanging on to some of them simply to keep others from using them.

For example, I wouldn’t want somebody else to come along and use myname (Fred Gleeck) dot anything.  I want to own all the Fred Gleeck domains possible. Well, that’s going to become totally impractical now that there are over a thousand new domains coming on the market.


info marketing top level domain names

Your Dot Com Has Domain Competition Now

Luge Pravda posted on this topic lately, and he said:

“Obviously for any company holding brands or trademarks, this expansion represents a huge new set of risks and challenges, as well as the opportunity to shore up its online presence in a way it may have missed doing when the original dozen or so gTLDs, such as .com and .edu, were introduced.

Brand owners with many different trademarks will have a particular challenge, as they’ll have to consider what to do about the thousands of possible permutations on their brands’ domain names that could make their company susceptible to brand infringement and cybersquatting.

And for e-marketers, one big question is how can the new wave of domain names work to maximize the visibility — and searchability — of their brand?”

Information marketers on all levels need to give this issue some thought, and then prepare to make an investment if necessary.

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One Response to “Your Dot Com Has Domain Competition Now”

  1. Raymond on April 2nd, 2013 5:04 pm

    Good article Fred, the problem for information marketers will be the number of new extensions. If you register a .shop do you also need to reg the .site and the .inc etc… If your name is somewhat generic will it be a problem that you got the .shop and .inc but did not go for the .llc.

    Plus the pricing of all these new extensions may make it really expensive as they all will not be $8 to register a domain. The great names a lot of times will go to auction and could go for three to five figures in auction.

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