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Your Info Products Speak To Somebody

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Most of us are not rock stars. We don’t have screaming fans rushing us in public or waiting in line all night long to buy concert tickets.  But I can tell you that your info products will speak to somebody as soon as you create them. You already have fans for your information marketing.

Naturally, you have to find your fans in order to communicate with them. Those two things need to be going on at the same time because your words will attract readers and listeners who become fans. And then those people will buy your information products and tell others about you, too. That’s how it works.

In other words, both things have to go on at the same time. You jump in and start communicating with people, and that’s how you find out who sticks. You find your people as they find you.

information marketing growth

Your info products grow out of your relationship with friends and fans, offline and online.

People might read your comment on a blog online. Or they might click on a link to your website and download your free e-book. Maybe they watch your video on YouTube.  No matter how your fans find you, they will want more of what you have to offer.

Your info products grow out of your relationship with friends and fans, offline and online. You begin to pay attention to what they say and what they want. Then you can build information products very specifically for them.

People will always tell you what they want one way or the other.  You will find that your info products speak to somebody who is willing to pay for them, or that they don’t.  If you are not making sales you are definitely getting the message that you need to change to a different topic, a different audience or a different format.

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