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Are you laughing out loud right now?  Are you thinking that your information marketing team consists of the person you see in the mirror every morning and that’s it, that’s your whole team?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a busy professional with a team of assistants to whom you delegate or outsource the various tasks associated with your information marketing business, this ClickZ article by Andrew Delamarter is for you. He hits the nail on the head regarding the need for close cooperation as opposed to insular operation in order to build an internet marketing system that works.

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Your Information Marketing Team

Delamarter says, “Now is the time to stop thinking SEO, media, content marketing, web analytics, and Facebook posts and start thinking holistically about inbound marketing that brings it all together.”

Whew! That kinda knocks you back a bit, doesn’t it? He is primarily speaking to large companies that have spent big advertising dollars for many years, and now spend big social media dollars to build a brand. Information marketers are not immune to the issues he is raising, however, because we are all endeavoring to build a brand. We ARE a brand, or we are nobody online or offline.

I’ve been building my own brand for decades; you may be well down the road building a brand for yourself and your business, or you may be a raw beginner. Wherever you are at this moment, the time is right to realize that the real value of everything you are doing when you create and market information is to build a recognizable and desirable brand.  You have to do coordinate all your efforts, or make sure your team is coordinated in all your inbound marketing.

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