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10 Things To Do to Make an Interview Information Product More Effective!

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Can ANYONE do an interview for an information product? YES. Should EVERYONE do that interview? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

There are people who do interviews who have NO clue as to HOW to do them. I’m not referring to inarticulate high-school drop outs. Hardly. I’ve suffered through interviews with NUMEROUS well known “gurus”.

Many of them are PATHETIC. I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience.

First off, don’t reinforce BAD behavior. IF you buy an interview program that stinks, RETURN IT! Ask for your money back.

What do YOU have to do to make sure you do an interview the RIGHT way? First off, there are some people who will NEVER learn how to do interviews well. If that’s you, and it might be, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be PRODUCING interview programs.

It merely means that you shouldn’t be HOSTING the interviews. Your other skills might be PERFECT for succeeding as an information marketer. But, don’t DELUDE yourself like some of the “bigshots” in this field. They have themselves convinced that they are good interviewers. OR, at least it appears that way since they continue to conduct them.

They are either FOOLISH or DELUDED. Foolish if they KNOW they aren’t very effective and keep doing them. Deluded if think they are and they really aren’t.

Some things to do to make an interview product MUCH MORE effective?

1. Ask yourself: do you have a voice that is interesting and easy to listen to? Be honest. Ask others. Not your family and friends. People who you know you can trust. If the answer is that you DON’T have the voice to do this, then don’t. Plain and simple. Hire someone to do it for you. Best way to do this? Record yourself and listen to it a couple of hours later.

2. Start by assuming that your listeners know NOTHING. As you create an outline, remember my IKEA story. If you aren’t given VERY specific instructions on how to put a piece of furniture together, a couch may end up looking like a bed. Or something like that.

3. Start with a very comprehensive and complete outline. Without a great outline, you won’t have a DIRECTION for your interview.

4. Be flexible. This is where Improv training will help you. Even if you have a very specific outline to follow, be ready to pivot. An answer that someone gives may take you on what may SEEM to be a tangent, but some tangents need to be followed. IF that direction makes sense. I realize this is a subjective issue. Do this and the interview will sound more conversational and more natural.

5. Ask Yourself whether the interview should be in audio, video or print form? The answer to this question is completely dependent on what would benefit your customers MOST. You may want to offer the interview in MULTIPLE formats. Different people learn different ways.

6. GIve people ALL the information. Don’t leave anything out. Don’t hold anything back in hopes of trying to sell them something later on. If you do this, you’ll piss everyone off. Bad idea.

7. Slow down. If you don’t have lot of experience, there is a tendency to speak TOO quickly. Remind yourself to slow down. It’s tough to go TOO slow.

8. Speak clearly but don’t OVER articulate. OVER pronouncing your words sounds stilted and fake. Don’t try and speak TOO clearly. All you have to do is listen to voice over artists in small markets to understand and hear this. Words naturally flow into one another. Speak in a conversational manner.

9. Get some GENERIC interview training. I have a program on this topic. If you think you need it, you probably do. If you don’t think you need it, then you MAY be right. Your call there. I can’t tell you what to do.

10. Get some ONE-ON-ONE interview training. If you’re serious about becoming a great interviewer, then it may be wise to get some very specific, individual help. Contact for a referral.

There you have it. Sorry if you think that items 9 & 10 are too self promotional but they are 100% TRUE.

Comments? Questions? Ideas?

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2 Responses to “10 Things To Do to Make an Interview Information Product More Effective!”

  1. Samuel John on November 11th, 2010 4:44 am

    …or you could pay somebody to do the interview for you?

  2. Fred Gleeck on November 11th, 2010 7:26 am

    Sam, paying someone is certainly an option. People have paid me to interview them, but when you don’t want to do that, follow the steps I recommend here. Best, Fred

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