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A Few Thoughts On Native Advertising As Information Marketing

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I’m posting a few thoughts on native advertising as information marketing, partially because I see the whole world through the lens of marketing information, but also because I recently blogged about Google’s growing distain for native ads.

Todd Wasserman posted on Mashable recently, and I was amused by some of what he had to say about native advertising:

“The online ad industry is going native. Consumers’ migration to mobile has prompted a do-over in which the dreaded banner ad is being kicked to the curb in favor of messaging that behaves much as other content does…

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A Few Thoughts On Native Advertising As Information Marketing

But what is native advertising again? Heise’s view [Cristina Heise, VP of an ad agency] native advertising ‘goes native’ in the sense that it adjusts to its surroundings.”

Now, these definitions are unique to the people expressing their own opinions, so I guess that means I’m entitled to express mine, too. I believe that native advertising is virtually the same as a good, old-fashioned advertorial. Remember the “articles” in newspapers that have the word ADVERTISEMENT in small letters at the top, designed to warn readers that what follows occupies space that has be paid for by an advertiser?

We all probably understand it better in a printed newspaper than we do online, because there is no warning given to us when we read native advertising online. Articles or blog posts appear innocent enough, but they are strategically placed to drive readers to want and to buy something soon.

As Wasserman concludes:

“The more you delve into it, the more “native” seems to be a synonym for “good” with regard to advertising. Or at least, it’s an attempt to make online advertising as good as TV or print ads. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s not necessarily new, either.”

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