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Almost Free Info Product Offers

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Some offers are free, some offers come with a price, and now there’s a new category. “Almost free” info product offers may work for you, too. What does it mean? Basically, almost free means a price so low that almost anybody will pay it, no matter what. In other words, price will NOT be a deterrent. A buyer may not want what you have to offer, but if she wants it, she will definitely buy it at such a low price.

Heather Stevens advises that the best place for your almost free offer is on the Thank You page of your autoresponder. Since nearly everyone has a Thank You page (assuming an autoresponder series of follow-up emails is in place) which appears whenever a site visitor opts-in, it is a very logical suggestion.

info marketing almost free

Almost Free Info Product Offers

Now, what price is low enough to be considered almost free? Naturally, that depends on your target market. Physicians and CEOs might consider $19.97 almost free. And struggling internet marketers might need to see a price of $7 or less. Studies show, over and over, that offers ending in the numeral 7 will convert better than other prices. Strange, but true.

The Warrior Forum is a well-known site for new software launches, and any day you might happen to visit you’ll see products offered for $7 each, giving another clue that you’re safe with that price, too. People who frequent the forum already have a level of trust so they don’t hesitate to spend a little bit of money.  By making an almost free offer on your Thank You page you will be leveraging the trust you just created with your new opt-in subscriber.

As usual, timing is everything.

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