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Andrew Sullivan Earned Over $300K Blogging Today

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That’s a pretty astonishing headline, and it’s all true. A blogger named Andrew Sullivan earned over $300K blogging today. He has a lot of readers and now they will be paying him to read his blog.

Maybe you won’t make that enormous amount in one day, or even one year, but it makes the point that you might be able to sell subscriptions to your information marketing blog under the right circumstances. Andrew did!

information marketing success

Andrew Sullivan

Since you’re reading my blog today you know that you are not paying for it, right?  I don’t sell subscriptions to my blog (yet) but I do market my time and my information products through my blogging.  And you can do the same thing, too.

When you start writing to create your info products, such as e-books, audios and videos you will get in a groove and find that it’s much easier to build momentum as you write.

You can use that momentum to attract attention and to jumpstart more projects. Andrew Sullivan has been a blogger for The Daily Beast, and now he’s going out on his own. He’s tapping into the huge following he attracted on one popular news blog to launch his own blogging empire now.

Where do you have some influence right now? Really think about it. Do you have business or family groups or organizations that know you and trust your opinions and ideas?  Would people who already know you and trust you be interested in your information products?

These are important questions that Andrew Sullivan answered YES in order to score his big payday today.

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