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Are You Engaged With Your Info Product Customers?

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Are you engaged with your info product customers? Well, if your answer is YES, I have to tell you that you only THINK you are engaged, compared to what the future holds. The whole concept of engagement with our clients and customers is about to blow up into something entirely different than we understand in our online and offline marketing now.

Mark Schaefer has a mind-blowing post that lays it all out for us to understand, the best we can understand, that is. I’ll let him explain:

google glass

Are You Engaged With Your Info Product Customers?

“We are on the cusp of the most rapid and disruptive technological change in history – augmented reality. There will be a digital layer over the “real world” and the Internet will surround us like the air that we breathe.”

If you think that sounds a bit futuristic, think again. Google Glass (eye glasses that give the wearer the ability to connect wirelessly at all times) is already available, and it is just the beginning of the technological changes Schaefer is describing. In order to building our information marketing businesses, we are going to have to grasp the significance of these changes and adapt to them.

Shaefer again:

“The Google Glass project is just the first volley in a revolution that will change the way we connect, learn, shop, communicate, and entertain ourselves. In fact, it will touch almost everything in our daily lives.  It is not the new Internet. It will be something far more important and foundational — it will be more like the new electricity. The widespread adoption of augmented reality, first in glasses and then in contact lenses, will transform every way we connect and communicate. Your business will need to master this layer and all of its implications.”

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