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If you avoid what Barry Feldman’s basic info products avoid, you will be ahead of the pack, without a doubt. He is a copywriter who doesn’t waste words. He excels on simplification and models it for his clients and others. His blog is his primary info product, but he ghostwrites e-books for clients.

Feldman reduces B2B marketing to only two areas: time and money. He says, “Time’s really simple. Your value proposition can be about saving it. It can’t be about making it. Money gets more intricate. Your money proposition can have two takes. One, you can propose to save your customer money. Two, you can propose to make them money.”

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That sharp copy speaks directly to my info marketing heart. I am marketing to existing or aspiring businesses, so I can be sure that idea is 100% applicable to my target market as well. So, everything I write and record as audio and video products needs to speak directly into the areas of time and money. My topic won’t necessarily be time or money, but the upshot of buying and using my info products will be saving time and saving or making money.

I think I’ve always been right on track with Feldman’s succinct expression, but now I can see it better. I can see it in my own information marketing business and I need to be able to see it in yours, assuming you are B2B marketing.  On my weekly webinars this is EXACTLY what we do in a creative, think-tank environment online.

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