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Be A News Hound To Sell Information Products

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Although I’m always talking about writing and turning your writing into information you can sell, it’s also important to read. Basically, you have to be a news hound to sell information products. In order to write consistently you need to read regularly.

I read everyday, and that gives me several advantages that might not be immediately apparent. When I’m reading I don’t just see the words on the page and the point the author is making. I also see how different writers express themselves and where their work appears. Over time I see what is working and what is not working, and I can even begin to understand why.

The “news” is not only the subject matter we read, it is also how the subject matter is treated and in what format it appears.  I enjoy watching and listening to the news as well as reading it because I have learned to absorb everything in order to use it profitably.

Mortgage professionals have had a rough time earning a living in the last few years, even though they have access to more news than other professionals because the government keeps statistics they can use.

Nearly everyone who buys a home or a commercial building has to rely on a mortgage professional.  But the same cannot be said of auto paint shops. Far fewer people need to paint autos than buy houses.

So, If your information marketing area of expertise is more like auto painting than mortgage brokerage, meaning you have a thinner market, then you have to pay more attention to the news. You have to look for relevant topics to build and promote your information products.

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