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Become A Content Expert To Market Information

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Danie Pote is head of Content Marketing at Optify, so she’s dealing with all kinds of content, all the time. In order to build your information marketing business, you only have to deal with your own content, on your own topics of expertise.  All you have to do is to become a content expert in one area to market information.

Pote offers four tips for creating content on the Optify blog. I like what she says about titles:

“Titles can make or break your content. When users are scanning their RSS feeds, email inboxes, Twitter feeds, etc., they’re going to click on content that catches their eye. With Twitter especially, limited characters force you to sum up what you’re sharing as concisely as possible – which is typically done by using the title plus a link.”

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Become A Content Expert To Market Information

And I like her suggestions regarding citing other people’s blogs or websites:

“Your posts should include your own thinking, point of view or thought leadership on the topic. Add something that perhaps hasn’t been said in a particular way before, or look at a topic through a different lens. When you do include information from other sources, cite it so it’s clear what your thoughts are versus others.”

Since she is a content expert, I think you can take these two suggestions to the bank. I mean that literally.  Pote has condensed her professional experience and shared them so that we can all benefit. Capturing the immediate attention of your target market and providing them with ideas that are worth while and interesting is basically the most you can do to keep in touch and cultivate a relationship.

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