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What should I blog about today? This is a question that information marketers and others are asking themselves all the time. My question is a little bit different: What shouldn’t I blog about today?

Why so different on my end? Frankly, I’m not sure. I subscribe to a number of industry publications. I follow certain sites related to my field with intense interest. I watch the news every day. Both online and on TV.

Within the course of any one day I find SO MUCH to blog about in my field, the question is one of deciding what should be LEFT OUT. Not, WHAT TO INCLUDE.

Here is my guess as to why YOU may be having a hard time figuring out what to blog about. First, you aren’t really all that passionate about your topic. If that’s the case, QUIT! Do not try and blog about something you don’t really care about. That’s useless!

Blogging SOLEY for money will bore you to tears. It will make it impossible to stay motivated over time. The only REAL way to make sure that your blogging is consistent and regular is to talk about something you truly like.

Want to know what that topic should be? Ask four or five of your BEST friends what it is that you REALLY get worked up about. If you get the same answer from all of them, you’re on the right track. It might be something that you talk about because you LOVE it. It might be something you talk about because you get super pissed off when you hear about it. If it’s something that stirs your passions, it should be considered for a blogging topic.

OK, so now I’ll assume you know what your topic is. Now, you want to figure out how to make money doing it. Whatever your blog is about, don’t make plans to move to the Bahamas with the money you’ll make quite yet. Instead, look at it as a labor of love that MIGHT pay off.

I don’t have a crystal ball and can’t tell you if your particular topic will make you a little bit of money, a whole heap of it, or nothing at all. I CAN tell you that if VERY few people could care less about the topic, it will probably end up being a hobby.

I can ALSO tell you that if someone wants to sell you a blogging course on how to make a bunch of money virtually overnight . . . TAKE A PASS! The only person who will make any money on that deal is the person selling you the course.

Don’t get me wrong. I sell “how to” material on a bunch of different subjects and enjoy making the money. The difference is that I don’t make RIDICULOUS promises like some folks in my field do. Why not? Because I can’t stomach lying to people. Others seem to have an easier time.

Back to blogging.

I’m writing this post in a text document file I call BLOG POSTS. Whenever I read anything in the news or one of the blogs or publications I follow, I immediately jot down a headline for the piece that I’ll write. I may not write it at that exact moment, but the headline will remind me of what struck my fancy.

Key to all of this is exposing yourself (not that way) to a lot of quality material in your field. Doing this will stimulate (not that way either) you to investigate more. You’ll have your own ideas about a given topic. Great. Write it down. Keep it pithy. Use short sentences. Like this one!

Another big KEY to blogging regularly is habit. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing about things I see. I am not a “natural” writer. My Dad used to send my letters back from college corrected in RED PEN. I’m NOT making this up. He was a writer and was “helping” me to improve.

Scarred for life (not really), I didn’t really do a lot of writing until I need to crank out books on topics that I taught. At first it was tough and then it got easier. Today, I regularly crank out at least 1,000 words a day. It’s like running. When you start doing it and stay at it, it gets easier.

For me, the last key is to realize that nothing you will write will be perfect. If you read my writing, you’ve probably figured out that I don’t do ANY editing. Well, not really. I do look things over once, MAYBE twice. My secret is that when it’s done, I read it out loud. That usually helps me to catch any glaring errors in grammar.

There you have it. Now . . . get to work . . . start WRITING!!!

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