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Blogging In The Information Marketing Community

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Writing your blog posts alone can leave you with the impression that nobody is out there, and nobody is reading your posts. But that is usually not the case. And it is certainly not the case when you’re blogging in the information marketing community of people you know. If you have made a point to comment on their blogs, most of your peers will read and comment on yours, too.

There are some pretty basic things to keep in mind when you’re blogging and sharing in community, for the purpose of informing and supporting each other’s information marketing businesses. First of all, you have to care about those other people and about helping them build their business as much as you desire their help with yours.  Your intentions will be obvious, so it’s never a good idea to be disingenuous. You have to see and be seen as a real part of your community if you want other people to care.

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Blogging In The Information Marketing Community

Another important point comes from Mark Schaefer’s recent post on blogging for business, “If you consistently create content that is RITE — Relevant, Interesting, Timely and Entertaining — you will be creating shareable, conversational blog posts. Of these, I believe the most important over time is ‘interesting.’  Boring is death to a blog.”

Your ideas and the words you use to express those ideas have to reach out and grab your readers’ attention quickly, too. You cannot blog to fill up space. Nobody has time to wade through content that isn’t immediately accessible and interesting.  And it all starts with your title, the first most important part of every blog post.

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