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Boost Your Local Business Information Marketing

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Some of my clients have local businesses and they want to build traffic through their doors as well as to their websites. If you are looking for methods to boost your local business information marketing, then there is one primary way to think about it.

You want to make sure that the keywords you are using on your website, in your articles and blog posts, include “long-tail” keywords. That means there are local names attached to the basic keywords.

Here are some examples for a pizza parlor in the Dallas area:

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Boost Your Local Business Information Marketing

“authentic pizza Dallas”

“best pizza Richardson”

“pizza parlor Arlington”

Richardson and Arlington are part of the metro Dallas area. Those local names attached to the word “pizza” are magnets to search engines, especially mobile search. You have to start thinking like the search engines to completely grasp the importance of including long-tail keywords in your writing.

Basically, search engines are trying to give the user the best possible experience, so even if the user doesn’t type “Dallas” in a search bar, the search engines will see your keyword phrase including Dallas, and know that is ideal for the searcher located in Dallas.

Does that make sense?  You are positioning keywords for search engines AND for users, both. Remember that as you write your content to give it the best opportunity to attract traffic on the web, and lure that traffic into your business.

Another benefit of local keywords and phrases is link building. When someone clicks on your site it means a link is formed, identifying the user. More links means higher page ranking in search results.

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