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Do You Need To Shorten Your Info Marketing URLs?

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Long URLs can be very useful in some cases. In fact, I like them. Here’s a new one I’m using now – and it’s working out well. I’ve used relatively long URLs for many years, but there’s a wave of marketing advice going around that they are hard to remember, making them less useful than short ones.

Janet Slack is a business coach who prepared an article about why and how to shorten your info marketing URLs, if you’re inclined to do so. She makes one particularly good point when she says,

info marketing link shorteners

Do You Need To Shorten Your Info Marketing URLs?

“Twitter automatically shortens every link posted using their own shortener. The advantage to this is that placing your cursor over a link will show you the longer link so that you can avoid links that look like spam. Links from Facebook also automatically shorten into one of 3 formats:, and; so links from Facebook can be taken care of without the use of a shortening service.”

If you want to shorten your links, too, Slack suggests four options:

1.  Bitly


3.  Tiny.url

4.  Bud.url

Bud is not free, as are the previous three suggestions. But Slack uses Bud because it provides her with tracking stats, too. People who spend a lot of time in Facebook and Twitter environments may respond better to your shortened URLs on landing pages and websites, too. It’s just something to keep in mind when you’re planning your information products and marketing.

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