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Do Your Info Product Landing Pages Convert?

Information Marketing

Especially if you are sending emails with links to a landing page, you should be concerned about making sales or getting email addresses. Do your info product landing pages convert?

In a concise post on Target Marketing, Debra Ellis says it quite plainly, and it applies to EVERYBODY:

“Every component of an email has a simple purpose: Move the person reading it to the next step. The purpose of the subject is to motivate the recipient to open the email. Once opened, the content should be a continuation of the subject and provide information for the next step.”

info marketing landing page conversion

Do Your Info Product Landing Pages Convert?

I think it’s possible that most information marketers have no idea how badly our site visitors need and want to be told what to do next. We have to say it and we have to show it, too. That’s why you see those huge BUY buttons, which may be irritating, but they work. And they work best when they flow naturally in the course of a story.

Ellis continues:

“Nothing derails an email conversion faster than the wrong landing page. Good emails tell a story to the recipient. It may be the story of a sale, how things work or what’s going on. Whatever the story, it needs to flow continuously from beginning to end. Any break introduces distractions that can divert the participant from the preferred action.”

Action. That’s the main point of any information marketing email, and certainly any landing page. We aren’t sending them as casual communication, we’re sending them to convert contacts into customers, right?

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