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Does Your Info Product Blog Have A Life Cycle?

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Does your info product blog have a life cycle? I have my own opinions on the subject of course, but today I’m sharing the opinion of others because it’s interesting to compare viewpoints.

Dan Blank posted the following this week, and I think it’s the most significant point of all regarding blogging, “When you blog you get to control the message.” My sentiments exactly.

Blank continues:

information marketing blogging

Does Your Info Product Blog Have A Life Cycle?

“Be wary of jumping from a blog to the social media flavor of the week. It can be exciting to try something new, but it can also be a false promise. For example, if you find it a long, slow slog to grow readers on a blog or on Twitter, and hope that if you join Tumblr or Pinterest, that you will find immediate success …

That. Won’t. Happen.

Your motivation is—even more than time management—your greatest resource.”

I blog to express my opinions and to share the timely opinions of others. My blog posts also show up on my Facebook page, but they are on my primary website, which is where I want my readers to find me. That’s where I am LOCATED on the web, so to speak, not on the social media platforms.

Information marketers have a big juggling act if they try to be everywhere, all the time. Nobody can really do it, and hiring help is not always effective. Nobody else can really write exactly what you are thinking and feeling, not ever. That’s why I don’t think my blog has a end in sight.

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