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Don’t Forget Audio Books As Part of Your Information Marketing Business

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There has never been a better time to consider turning your e-books and tangible books into audio books. People are looking for every spare moment to enhance their learning, in order to improve their personal and their business lives, and listening to information has become a very popular way to do it. Because reading is such a big part of many people’s workday, listening to digital downloads can be more relaxing and enjoyable than reading.

So, don’t forget audio books as part of your information marketing business.  Even though you might personally prefer to read, it’s important to remember that a LOT of people prefer to listen and learn in an auditory manner, rather than a written manner. It’s not just a personal preference as far as time and circumstances of their lives, but in many cases it’s because they know they learn better by listening and hearing than by reading.

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Don’t Forget Audio Books As Part of Your Information Marketing Business

Naturally, you are well-equipped to read and record your own books and other written products to create digital products yourself. But, if you choose not to do the reading, or voice over work as it’s called professionally, then you can easily hire someone to do it for you. You can find voice talent at, for example, and actually listen to samples of the person reading a script. This will allow you to “shop” for just the right voice talent to hire for your audio project.

Some information marketers choose to offer package deals for their books and audio books together, and that’s a model I recommend, too. It gives your customers all their options, and allows you to charge a little more for the package than the single product.

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