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Don’t Put Off Your Info Product Website Any Longer

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If you’re fighting the inevitable, hoping it won’t be necessary to invest some time and money in a website to promote your information marketing products, Ellen Gipko has some great advice for you in her recent post on Search Engine Journal. Don’t put off your info product website any longer if you intend to be visible and competitive online.

Gipko says,” Self-promotion is out. Educational, informative, problem solving content is in.” Sounds like a perfect recipe for information marketing, doesn’t it? It’s also the recipe for web page content, too. She expounds on the need for quality writing in the form of articles, blog posts and social media posting, which is completely consistent with what you read here on my blog.

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Don’t Put Off Your Info Product Website Any Longer

But what if you don’t like to write? Or you just don’t have time to write? Gipko suggests, “Content marketing is extra hard for people who don’t like to, don’t want to or don’t have time to write. None of that excuses you from doing what has to be done. Have you any idea how many people are willing to write for you? Freelance writers are everywhere.”

No matter how you slice it, content marketing IS writing. It is your own writing or somebody else’s writing that works for your purposes. Check with your employees before going too far afield to hire writers, and then check around in your local area. Do a Google search for, “freelance writer ___” and fill in the blank with the name of your city.  Working with local writers means you can meet them in person, and they can visit your business in order to know and understand the nature of the info product website content you require.

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