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E-book Bestsellers

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Jeremy Greenfield posted on Digital Book World this week, providing some startling data regarding bestselling e-books. His examples are novels, and information marketers are primarily selling non-fiction, but the trend is notable, nonetheless. Here’s what Greenfield says about e-book bestsellers:

“Publishing industry professionals worried that the ebook era would precipitate a bevy of $0.99 self-published best-sellers may be seeing their nightmares come true today. The Nos. 1 and 2 best-selling ebooks this week are $0.99 self-published works: Damaged by H.M. Ward and The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken.

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E-book Bestsellers

For the fourth time in 2013, a self-published ebook is No. 1.”

This is truly earth-shaking news for the publishing industry. There are several issues involved, but I’d like to focus on the “self-published,” and “$.99” issues in particular, because they are realities for information marketers as well as novelists.

I have several e-books on Kindle, and so I have experimented with the $.99 pricing offered on Amazon. A lot of other authors are experimenting with it, too, including these bestselling novelists.

The $.99 pricing strategy can be used to sell more books, and in fact that’s what a lot of authors are after, including authors who are marketing information, not fiction. Their books are their platform for selling higher-priced products and services, and for promoting themselves as a speaker. That is exactly what my books on Kindle are doing for me.

In other words, my Kindle pricing (which I change from time to time) is designed to accomplish my other purposes, not just to make some money on the sale of the e-book.

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