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Editing Your Writing For Information Marketing

Information Marketing

Assuming that you are writing, you’ll be editing your writing for information marketing, too.  Editing is a big part of writing that works successfully to attract readers and sell info products.

Michelle Rafter posted ten items to check before calling your writing a “final draft.” This post is an oldie but a goodie, so here are a few of her points now along with my own comments. These are all directed towards writing that will be submitted to an online editor:

1. Spelling. [This is a #1 priority. It made a difference back in school, and it REALLY makes a difference now. Resumes and articles with misspelled words are simply trashed.]

info marketing editing

Editing Your Writing For Information Marketing

2. Bio. [Write your own biographical paragraph to avoid putting the responsibility on others who don’t really know what to say anyway. Even better, provide a short one and a longer one so an editor has a choice.]

3. Sidebar. [If your article will be posted in a blog or publication that uses sidebar summaries to attract and keep the attention of busy readers, make sure you write your own sidebar, too.]

4. Sources. [Sources of quotes, statistics, survey results and any other information used to substantiate what you write should ALWAYS be cited and linked if possible.]

Keeping your writing to the highest professional standards is simply good business. If you are not sure that you know those standards, by all means get some help.  Have some friends or associates look over your work if you don’t hire a writer or writing assistant to help you.

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