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Facebook Ads That Use Friends To Sell Products

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Let’s face it, Facebook is not in business to do anybody a favor. Despite the fact that hundreds of millions of eager users might disagree, Facebook is a commercial endeavor and now it has deep personal information about its users at its disposal. In other words, Facebook ads that use friends to sell products are not too likely to work.

A refreshing blog post by Bob Hoffman, author of 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising, is titled, “Janet Warren Likes WalMart.”  Once you get his point, his title is hilarious. Janet Warren was an old-flame-wannabe in Hoffman’s life with whom he reconnected at her request on Facebook.  So, in the world of social media, that makes them “friends.”

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Facebook Ads That Use Friends To Sell Products

And since Hoffman is connected to Janet Warren as a friend, Facebook can use her name to get his attention. Which it did.  Hoffman writes, “If there is one thing that I would bet my house on, it is this — Janet Warren does not like Walmart. In fact, I would bet she has never set foot in a Walmart. I’d bet that if she knew Walmart was using her to sell their wares, she’d be horrified.”

So, this humorous story makes my point that is, in fact, not so humorous. PLEASE don’t use Facebook ads for your information marketing because you could come across as disingenuous as Janet Warren. None of us can control how or when Facebook will use friends’ names, and how our ads will come across on user’s profiles.

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