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Friendship is important to me. Much MORE important than money. From what I’ve seen among those who sell info products, not many people feel the way I do. Information marketing can be a NASTY business.

I’ve personally observed some horrendous behavior on the part of some information marketers. People throwing their “FRIENDS” under the bus for a buck.

The vast majority of the examples I have seen illustrate that for most people, MONEY  trumps FRIENDSHIP.

Years back I remember a conversation I had with a THEN fairly well known internet/information marketer. His behavior seemed to indicate that for him it was “all about the money.” I ended up taunting him repeatedly. I kept saying to him, “So for you, it’s ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, RIGHT?”

I said it over and over again straight to his face. In the course of about 10 minutes I must have said it 20 times. Finally, when I said it for the 21st time (the last time, whatever that was), he looks up at me and says: “YES, for ME it’s all about the money!” I just looked at him and said: “OK, I get it!”

I haven’t spoken to him since. I haven’t seen his name very much in these circles. Maybe he’s RETIRED and living in the Bahamas with all his money. Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I wonder if when he dies anyone will give a rat’s a**. Frankly, I won’t be too affected.

I remember a number of years back when Cory Rudl died. Less than a month or so before, I remember spending some time with him in Las Vegas with a group of other guys.

I kept telling him to SLOW DOWN. He never did. May he rest in Peace!

Then there was my friend Phil Huff. As I understand it, Phil flipped his dune buggy with his father in law and they were both killed. Although Phil and I weren’t particularly close at the time, I felt bad. Particularly for his son. He was about 14 at the time and worshipped his Dad.

I recently had a “tussle” with a very close friend of mine. It doesn’t matter who it is or what happened. What matters is after it was all over (it took a few LONG weeks), we are still friends. Perhaps closer now than before because of it.

Hard to put a MONETARY value on this or any friendship. Friends are hard to find. My suggestion is to NEVER let a dispute over money make you lose a friend. It’s not worth it.

At least not to me.

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