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Get Client Retainers Using Information Marketing

Information Marketing

If you are looking to step up your income and build lasting, working relationships with your business clients, then you have probably considered a retainer fee arrangement. Have you thought about how you can get client retainers using information marketing?  It’s a natural combination that works.

Eric Thompson at Optify is posting on the process of moving clients to a retainer fee relationship, and his first post is about the all-important conversation on business goals.   Thompson’s advice to social media agencies is as follows:  “So you need to focus your conversations as close to revenue as possible, on LEADS. All your existing projects, SEO (“increase my rank”), Social (“increase my following”), PPC (“increase my visits”) are really about “INCREASE MY LEADS!”

information marketing retainers

Info Marketing Retainers

I’d say the same about any business, wouldn’t you? It had better be all about increasing leads and income as a result of those leads or what is the point?

You may not operate a social media agency as your primary business, but you can still take a cue from Thompson’s summary, “Focusing on the actual business goals during your conversations will open up more doors and expose your entire service offering.”  That is certainly true. And it is the perfect time and place to provide an e-book, a whitepaper or an audio recording on the subject of business goals.

You can use information marketing to lead your existing and your potential clients to a clear understanding that paying a retainer fee to you in order to have you “on their team,” is a logical and practical investment.

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