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Getting Referrals From Speaking Engagements

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There’s nothing better than opening a text or email or receiving a phone call from a referral. I love referrals because they already have a certain level of trust in me and what I do, otherwise they would not have reached out to communicate after hearing me speak.

My joint venture partner, Avish Parashar posted a few suggestions about getting referrals, including:

1) Find “Target Rich” groups to speak to – You’ll generate more referrals if you speak to a group of people who have the interest and ability to hire you.

2) Have a system for the audience – If you have a system to capture contact info and follow up, you can stay top of mind.

Speaking as Information Marketing

Getting Referrals From Speaking Engagements

3) Nothing will accelerate the success of your speaking career as much as your ability to blow the socks of your audience. Don’t settle for average, or good, or even “really good.” You want people to leave the room raving about you.

When you are first starting speaking for groups you may not know exactly what your eventual target market is yet. And, you may have different target markets as time goes by, something I’ve personally experienced.

Taking advantage of current opportunities and heading in the direction of finding your target market is a good way to get referrals that eventually lead you to speaking engagements for other groups and open up new opportunities with them.

Here’s what Avish Parashar says about persistence, and I agree, “Remember, this is a long-term strategy. Consistency and perseverance are key. However, if you keep at it, you will find each speaking engagement turning into one, two, or even more follow up engagements!”

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