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Sorry, this going to be one of those posts where I BITCH at something! If you’re reading this, I apologize in advance. However, since it’s my blog, I grant myself the right to occasionally talk about something that really annoys me.

If you sell info products and you travel a lot, you will probably be able to relate. If you sell information products and you don’t, keep reading and HUMOR ME.

I’m writing this blog post while sitting on an American Airlines flight. a few years back, they introduced Wi-Fi on the flights for a number of longer routes. When they first introduced the service I was psyched. How cool. I would be able to send and receive emails as well as surf the web while FLYING. Cool.

The first time I used the service it was GREAT. Not only was it great to get access to the web, but the speed was LIGHTNING fast. Here’s the problem. The “success” of this venture has made me remember the good ‘ole dial up days.

Out of curiosity (and a good deal of ANGER), I went on to my favorite sites for checking internet speeds. I use a site called I hesitate to give out THEIR name for fear they site will slow down to a crawl. But I suspect they have things fairly well figured out in that area.

I hit the  CHECK SPEED button and in a creepingly slow time I got the results.


The first time I ever used GoGo Inflight internet I was able to log in to Netflix and connect and stream a movie onto the plane. VERY cool.

Now I can barely log on and check email without a seriously long wait.

As a result of the deteriorating speeds, I stopped paying the $10 per flight to use the service. If you are a customer, I suggest you BOYCOTT them as well. This is ridiculous.

For early adopters, we must be even more ticked off than the average user. We remember the days when things were good. When we could log onto our favorite sites and have them come up in a reasonable time frame. Earlier in the flight, I was able to finish eating half of sandwich while waiting for a site to load. And I’m not THAT fast an eater!!

IF you know anyone who uses GoGo, or IF perhaps you know one of the “bigshots” over there, let them know they have a problem.

With technology products, people expect them to IMPROVE over time, NOT to DETERIORATE. We went from dial up to broadband to super-fast broadband on the ground. Unfortunately in the air, we are going in the opposite direction.

I suspect there is a solution but it will cost the company a bit of CASH. My suggestion? Make the changes necessary for people like me to continue USING your service. Do nothing and risk people like me blabbing their mouths off telling others how CRAPPY your service has become.

Sorry, I’m done now!

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