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Information Marketing

Great information products are those which both entertain and inform. Whenever I’m asked to critique an info product, I am always amazed at how 95% of them have just ONE of these things working in their favor. They are either extremely entertaining or packed with content. usually NOT both.

Your key to success as someone who sells info products is to make sure that you deliver both of these elements when you do YOUR info product. Great information products are those that sell a lot of units. It’s kind of similar to a great movie. If a movie is to be truly great, it has to have great material and sell a lot of tickets. No one can make the claim that their information product is truly great unless tons of people are buying or have bought it.

As someone who has been marketing and selling info products for many years, I take a lot of pride in the products that I produce. I’m not saying that everyone of my products has been great, but certainly ALL of them have been good. It’ funny how you KNOW when a product you’ve produced is great. You can just feel it.

Information marketing is a business that many people attempt on a whim. Many of them dip their toes in the water having heard that you can make a lot of money in the business. And, if done correctly, that’s 100% accurate. BUT, the key to making really good money in the information products business is to continually deliver HIGH quality products to your niches. This comes from great research, understanding the needs and wants of your market AND the X factor.

What is the X Factor in information marketing?

That’s the little something extra that you bring to the table with your products and services. This is what makes both a truly great information product and a great info product marketer.

You can no longer afford to be just “good enough” in your niche. You have to deliver more than what they expect and do it with panache! The key to my longevity in this business is understanding what my market niche wants and needs. I do this by keeping my ear to the ground constantly. Listening to what people are saying and what they want.

There is no shortcut to delivering great info products, there is only hard work and dedication to the market you serve.

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