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Grow Your Own Information Marketing Audience

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You have probably heard it over and over, because I have been hearing the news over and over, too. We all have to develop an audience if we want to get media attention now. In other words, you have to grow your own information marketing audience and bring that audience with you in order to get mentioned in online media.

Does that seem backwards somehow? If so, then you probably grew up in business when a mention in the New York Times or an appearance on Oprah could instantly bring you traffic and clients and customers.  Truthfully, that’s how it used to work. But it is an old, out-dated promotional model now.  Things have changed.


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Grow Your Own Information Marketing Audience

Ryan Holiday posted on The New York Observer last fall, but his topic is completely fresh right now, “The problem is, unlike the old days, when a media outlet could count on a set number of subscribers or tune-in viewers or newsstand sales, online there is more competition for everyone’s attention and no guarantee of anyone seeing what gets published.”

Holiday is making a very serious point, and it’s one that information marketers need to absorb in order to prosper online now. You’d better be able to bring your own audience in the form of list subscribers when you seek or attract media interviews, because the media may actually need your list more than you need the media. Is that making sense?

He goes on to reveal, “Check online versions of articles from some major magazines and you’ll notice the same thing: Most pieces draw zero comments (another way of saying nobody read it or cares). It’s true for this column as well: if I don’t get it started on social media, there is a risk it could go unnoticed.”

We all have to work to accumulate an opt-in list of subscribers, because that is what builds our information marketing business more than any other single factor now.

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