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Have You Thought About Marketing Information In China?

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If you have reached a level of success in marketing your information products in the United States, and perhaps in other countries as well, have you ever thought about marketing information in China?  It’s a big step into the unknown, and one that appears to be fraught with challenges.

I am thinking primarily about marketing digital downloads to China on the web, and not exporting tangible merchandise. It’s important to know that Google is NOT a major search engine in China. But before you get too excited about that fact, take a deep breath and realize that there are Chinese search engines that rival Google (based in California) and they serve an even larger market.

info marketing china

Have You Thought About Marketing Information In China?

In a revealing article on Publishing Perspectives, Octavio Kulesz lays it on the line:

“On account of its number of users, China constitutes the most attractive digital market in the world. However, few foreign companies have been able to maintain a secure position there due to the fact that, by applying a complex digital ‘kung fu,’ the local giants compete ruthlessly and the Chinese State imposes harsh conditions.”

If you think that commentary applies only to big companies, think again. It all comes down to money in the long run. Our well-known search engines may not always be American companies, as evidenced by the Yahoo/Alibaba Group. Knowing that the United States government is in debt to China, it doesn’t take a big leap to imagine that huge search engines in China could eventually own and control how we access the web in western nations. All of us.

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