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Here's a Quick Way to Build an Information Marketing System

Information Marketing

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my 25+ years marketing and selling info products, it’s that you need systems. This may sound rigid and robotic, but, the truth is, you get more done. The argument against systems is that you lose creativity. For me, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some of the systems you MUST have if you’re going to build a successful information marketing business.

1. Product Creation

If you’re an information marketer, you need to have products to sell. Therefore you need to crank out a LOT of products. GOOD products. The key to doing this is a great outline. Don’t hold yourself up with trying to make them perfect. Remember, DONE is better than perfect!

2. Traffic Generation

Without people coming to your site or sites, you won’t be in business very long. That’s why you need traffic. BUT, don’t start generating traffic until you have worked on your conversion rates. If you get a lot of traffic and few people buy or opt in, the traffic is WASTED. Make sure that before you even think about traffic, that you look at conversion rates. Traffic is a big topic and I’ll talk about it in great detail in other blog posts.

3. Measurement

Measurement eliminates argument. This is one of two signs that I see every day. It, along with the other one, hangs in my garage. For you, as one who sells info products, this is fairly easy to do. And, it’s free. It comes from Google in the form of Google Analytics.

You put some code on your various web pages and presto, Google will compile your data. Why would they do this for free? They are hoping that you advertise with them. And, in the long run, you probably will. Analytics is fairly easy to set up, even without a technical background.

4. Customer Contact

There are two parts to customer contact systems that you need. First you need one system to keep you in touch with all of your customers and prospects on a regular basis. For me, that’s WebMarketingMagic. This system allows me to group my customers and prospects into two groups and maintain contact with them accordingly.

The second part is understanding what your customers need and want. Luckily, SurveyMonkey allows you to do a simple version of this for free. You can survey up to 100 people at NO charge. Unless you need incredibly precise numbers, this will do just fine.

5. Consistent Effort

I write blog posts for a more than one site, every day. Do I always WANT to do them? No. But, if I want success as an information marketer, I’ have to do it. YOU have to be consistent with YOUR efforts as well.

There you have a list of things you need to build information marketing systems. Now get going!

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