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How is Information Marketing Like Politics?

Information Marketing

While watching the election results this morning, I was struck by how selling info products is similar to elections. MOST of the time, establishment candidates win. However, sometimes, the less likely candidate can win due to clever ideas and campaigning.

In a number of markets I’m involved with, I’ve had to “fight” the establishment. If you’re the kind of person who won’t put up with the NONSENSE handed out by those in power, you’ll end up butting heads. My BEST example are my (now completed) struggles with the National Speakers Association.

For many years when I was a member, I TRIED to influence the people at the top to make necessary changes. They were not serving the members well and I was the first to let them know. I did this without trying to be subtle, without pulling my punches.

Just like the established, entrenched powers in politics, they got nervous. People aren’t supposed to respond to power this way. Just ask Christine O’Donnel from Connecticut. She was a TEA PARTY candidate who was opposed by the TRADITIONAL Republican Party. The result? The did everything they could to try and make sure the ESTABLISHMENT candidate, Mike Castle would win the election.

He didn’t. Despite a LONG record as a Congressman in the State.

She FOUGHT the establishment. She won. They lost.

(FYI: As a registered Libertarian, I have NO dog in the above political fight. I am, by definition, suspicious of the two major established political parties.)

I fought the establishment in the speaking industry. I won the argument, but unlike an election, that didn’t matter. I left.

What about YOU in your niche? Many times YOU will have a choice in YOUR niche. You’ll either have to “tow the line” and “get along” with others in your field, or you’ll have to FIGHT as an outsider.

My suggestion would be to TRY and fight from the INSIDE. BUT, if you can’t, then fight the organization of the entrenched niche folks from the OUTSIDE.

For many years I was an INSIDER in the self storage industry. I started to make some waves in that industry. The insiders in that niche got worried. Very soon after that I was NO LONGER invited to speak to the association in that group.

IF you’re the kind of person who speaks the TRUTH and doesn’t make an effort to try and “make nice” to the higher ups in your organization or market niche, you should EXPECT this to happen.

It’s very similar to politics. Any group hates to have their boat rocked. To have their power questioned. To have their positions put in jeopardy. Particularly by an outsider.

You have TWO basic choices in YOUR niche market. Try and operate your business on the inside, making nice with the establishment, OR, operate as an OUTSIDER, in many ways ATTACKING the insiders.

START by trying to do things on the inside. If they don’t let you in the front door, then the only alternative you have is to break down the back door. You won’t have any other choice. It can sometimes be ROUGH SAILING, but it’s also FUN!

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