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How is Information Marketing Like Politics?

Information Marketing

Information marketing is kinda like politics. Don’t turn your head yet . . . keep reading please. Any politician who is WILDLY successful will on very rare occasions have 70% of the people who approve of what he/she is doing. It’s also the flip side. At any one point in time, a minimum of 30% of people will HATE that same politician.

I’ve been in the business of selling info products for more than 25 years (I sound like an old man with a beard). Over that time, I’ve made some very good friends. Customers who have gotten to know me and what I’m all about.

I’ve also gotten a LOT of people pissed off at me.

I sure hope it’s less than 30%, but that’s the price of taking a stand on issues. Just like any politician. But what about you?

Are you trying to make everyone in your niche happy? Give it up. You’ll be dead in the water. You can’t make everyone happy. It’s just not possible if you have strong ideas and principles.

I don’t care which niche market you’re in, as an information marketer, you have to understand these principles. The business you build must be built on a solid foundation that’s NOT based on trying to make everyone happy. Instead, it should be built on your core principles.

What are they for you? What are the principles that guide YOU in your info product business?

That happens to be an area where information marketing is very much NOT like politics. The maintenance of principles. The vast majority of politicians are concerned with one thing and one thing only, getting re-elected. The VAST majority of info marketers are concerned with making the next sale. Does principle matter to them? Certainly NOT most of them.

You can’t be thin-skinned in this business. It will kill you and kill your values.

Understand that many people will dislike what you do. Keep going. Many people will make more money than you do. Keep going. Continue doing the RIGHT thing. 30% of the people out there may find you to be an objectionable individual. Who cares. Carry on.

I just got an affiliate commission check today from a guy who said to me on a post-it note on the check: “I didn’t think that you were sending me people any more . . . ” As it turns out he’s right. I stopped sending people his way when his VALUES clearly became different than mine.

Net result? I have lost money.

I don’t care. It’s more important to my long term success to maintain my values and principles. I think you should do the same.

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