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How Many People Open Your Info Marketing Emails?

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Let’s say you have a list of email addresses and that you are finally sending regular messages out on a weekly basis, or perhaps more often. Do you know how many people open your info marketing emails? Do you have a system to follow your stats, and do you pay attention to it?

Whereas a 2% – 3% response rate is cause for celebration with direct mail (post office), meaning 2 or 3 people out of a hundred pieces sent by snail mail are opened and acted upon, the open rate for bulk emails is quite a bit higher.  Remember, I am not talking about how many email recipients actually bought anything, just how many opened the email.

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How Many People Open Your Info Marketing Emails?

The reason we cannot compare direct mail with email apples-to-apples is because we don’t have a window into the recipients’ homes to see how many actually open direct mail envelopes. All we know is how many actually make a purchase.

So, Barry Feldman’s post on email open rates is now put in the best perspective possible when he says, “Email marketing programs automatically return real numbers on open rates, clicks, unsubscribes and a few miscellaneous metrics. We’ll focus on open rate and one data source, a 2012 report from email marketing experts, MailerMailer. It reports:

Open rates by industry:

Top three:  banking 16.8%, consulting 15.9%, small business 15.9%.

Bottom three:  medical 6.5%, media 7.5%, education 8.2%”

Do those open rates surprise you?  I believe Feldman’s most cogent statement is this – “Your email analytics will definitely indicate who clicked what, but you’ll never know who read what.”

That’s a fact. Once again, we’re not there to see what really goes on where the reader lives.  Your open rate is the best information you have to determine what interests your information marketing audience.

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