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Info Marketing Cyber Security – Again

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So, it happened again this week. A customer service provider for Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr was hacked, compromising user data on all three popular sites. It’s yet another chapter in the continuing saga of info marketing cyber security, again.

Stan Schroeder’s post on Mashable put it this way:

“Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr have all warned their users that some of their data might be compromised after a security breach at Zendesk, a company which provides customer support services for all three companies…

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Info Marketing Cyber Security – Again

It seems no passwords have been compromised in the hack on any of the three services. However, as always, users are advised to use strong passwords, use different passwords for different services and never to reveal their passwords to third parties.”

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem too soon to tell if the passwords have been hacked, too? I mean, all three huge social media sites at one time?  This doesn’t seem like the work of a prankster.  And if the user data was compromised, what difference will it make if the passwords were not obtained?  It’s the privacy factor that’s at issue.

I am not suggesting that social media sites are unsafe, although that is a thought that’s been lurking in my mind since the entire social media phenomenon surfaced.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but it seems to me that it’s not wise to post anything on social media that you wouldn’t want to be seen, saved and used against you. Period. End of mini-rant.

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