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In early December 2012, author Stephen King spoke to a crowd of more than 3000 writers and fans at UMass Lowell Tsongas Center. Barb Ross was in the audience and reported some highlights of the event in a blog post. This quote jumped out at me when I realized it was truly an info product idea from the mind of Stephen King:

“King spoke of taking two unrelated ideas and putting them together in a new way. For example, in Carrie, the combination of the meanness of teenagers toward unpopular girls, which he’d observed as a student and a teacher, and a report he’d heard that psychokinesis is most often reported in disturbed young women.”

info marketing ideas

Information Marketing Ideas

Seeing that Carrie was King’s first novel, sold to a publisher for $400,000 back when he was so poor he didn’t own a car, I thought it was a perfect metaphor for aspiring information marketers who might be starting with few resources other than great ideas, a big desire and a growing skillset.

Pay close attention to that first sentence in the quote above, it bears repeating: “… taking two unrelated ideas and putting them together in a new way.” Bingo. That’s the key to King’s breakout novel, and it can be the key to your breakout info product, or your next big product if you’ve already begun to build your business.

Some examples off the top of my head –

Dog Training From Your Wheelchair

Slow Cooker Recipes For Your Motorhome Kitchen

The Grow-Your-Own-Food Diet Plan

Investments For Debtors

You get the idea. Jot down a few unrelated idea combinations for your own topic to see what could come together profitably in a new info product now, especially for a specialized market segment.

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