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Every time I have an information marketing seminar I make mention of the fact that people often follow a PATH when ordering from you. Here’s an example from an hour ago. Checking my email I found an order. It was from a guy in the UK who was ordering my Self Publishing Program. Thanks if you are reading this. He was also nice enough to tell me how he “found” me in the big sea of internet websites. As an information marketer it is INVALUABLE to learn where your leads are coming from.

In my shopping cart system ( one of the fields asks for how someone found out about me. He put the words CONSULTING SECRETS. It’s the name of one of my books that he probably purchased on Amazon because he didn’t buy it from me directly.

The book is on how to start and build a profitable consulting business. One of the things that I always suggest authors do is to build bounceback offers into their books and other products. In the book I make mention of the website that I have set up to sell a program on how to self publish your own book. The order was for the PHYSICAL version of this product. I also sell it in downloadable form. The MP3 downloadable version sells for $50 less. He bought the more expensive physical version.

A couple of lessons here. First, always have a way for people who buy your info products to buy the next and then the next product that you offer. That means you have to create them pretty quickly. Second, you should always give other information marketers the chance to buy your products in either physical or downloadable form. Make sure and charge a premium for your physical products.

You can always learn more about how to do this by visiting my site There is a lot of free stuff for you to look at.

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