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Selling info products is a field that I naturally enjoy. It doesn’t take any work for me. I find it fun and creative. I also have enjoyed finding new tools to help me build my (and my proteges) business.

Recently, I found a tool that has been working pretty well for me. This tool HAPPENS to use multi-level marketing as their means of compensation. This has never been my FAVORITE business model! Frankly, most of the people I’ve met in this field were pretty slimey.

Over the years I’ve been involved with a few different ones and a number of years back I SWORE I would never get involved with another one again.

The problem with this rationale is that in sticking to my “plan” I would, in some instances, have to throw the baby out with the bath water.

What IF you found a product or service that you LOVED and then discovered they were using MLM as their method of compensation? Would you dismiss it out of hand? Many people would and DO. I think this thinking is not only ILLOGICAL, but misguided.

I will readily agree that there have been a LOT of MLM companies that are despicable. Many of the people that I’ve met involved with them are often HYPEMEISTERS. The vast majority of these folks I find UNSAVORY in just about every way. BUT, what about if there is a product that you LOVE that happens to use this method of compensation? Then what?

To me, there is only one answer. FUGGETABOUTIT! The compensation methodology that is. If you aren’t going to use or consider using a product or service because you don’t like the compensation plan, that’s just plain dumb, in my humble opinion.

MLM does have some large, reputable companies that have used their method of compensation. Prepaid Legal and Amway come to mind. As it turns out I have a prepaid legal membership, but I don’t promote it, I just use the product. Amway, although a good company is never something I got involved with.

My own example of this issue is CoolVideoTool. This company has a great set of products and happens to use MLM as their compensation system. Just because they use this method of compensation I should then SHUN the product? I don’t think so. That just doesn’t make any sense to me!!

Additionally, affiliate programs are single level MLMs if you think about it.

They compensate you if you get someone else to buy. If that person then gets another person to buy, you don’t get anything. Bummer. IF a company chooses to use MLM as a compensation method, then a whole new set of government rules apply.

To close, I don’t think that the METHOD of COMPENSATION should black-ball a company from your consideration. Although it’s not my FAVORITE business model, I will always consider products and services based on their own merit.

Agree? Disagree? I’d like to hear your thoughts, but please keep them ON POINT. NO promoting any specific companies. I just want to see your ideas about the CONCEPT here!! Thanks!

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