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Information Marketing

Articles are an excellent way for you to market and promote your own info products. Information marketing articles are a perfect tool for the info product seller who wants to maximize their

There are a ton of information marketing articles out there. Many don’t give you a whole lot. most articles on the topic are geared to help the author accomplish their goals rather than helping the reader get what he or she wants.

I think this is the wrong way to go about things.

Instead, I would have you read information marketing articles that actually give you solid useable content about how to do things.

I have always had the philosophy that if you give people what you promise them and what they truly need, you’re going to get what you need in return. There are very few information marketing articles that provide you with anything but fluff.

That’s the big problem.

I only wish that the search engines could screen out this kind of material and make it difficult or impossible for people to produce a lot of junk and get rated highly in the search engines. At this point in time, that’s not yet possible.

To screen out which information marketing articles you should take seriously, do the following:

1. Read the article and ask yourself: Is this person trying to help ME or THEM?

2. When you’re done, ask yourself: Can I now DO something that I couldn’t before?

3. Ask Yourself: Am I closer to achieving MY goals as a result of reading this article?

The answers you get to those questions will help you figure out whose articles on information marketing you should continue to read in the future. I teach this and other concepts at the Fred Info Bootcamp. I’d love to have you attend!

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