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Information Marketing For Different Types of Buyers

Information Marketing

Just as different people have different learning styles, they also have different buying criteria. You are miles ahead of the game when you package and price your info products so that each type of buyer has a logical choice.

When a person is making a decision to buy he or she is influenced by a number of factors, but one of three basic factors tends to prevail.

  1. A buyer may focus on the cost of your info product and whether it represents a good value;
  2. A buyer may focus on the way your info product solves his particular problem;
  3. A buyer may focus on whether your info product will work as described.
buying criteria of information marketing buyers

People have different buying criteria

The first of these three factors is economic, the second is analytical and the third is technical.  One or more of these factors influences every sale you will ever make, so it’s good to keep them in mind as you design products for sale.

Your sales materials and product descriptions should address the product’s value and  the problems it solves, and it should provide proof that it works as described. The latter is best achieved by collecting testimonials from actual customers.

All three types of buyers can be targeted in the particular testimonials you feature. And, one way to make sure you have the testimonials you need is to ask people you know to review the product and provide their comments.  You can even ask them to consider one of these basic factors in their comments based on their own personalities, tastes and buying criteria.

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